For more reliable Cask Processing Solution

There always some poor quality currencies with straps which can not counted by currency counting machine properly. We launch TC- 5500 of offer a solution for this problem.

Endurable and grate performance

Easy configured to count at speed of 1500 notes per minute. Moreover it offer high accuracy even counting poor quality banknotes. It designed and produced in Taiwan, all components lead-free and meet to CE/FCC/ISO 9001:2008 standard. Pattern No. 186521 by Economic Administration of Intellectual Property.

Counterfeit Detection (Option)

TC-5500 equipped with UV (Fluorescent) tubes and sensor had excellent counterfeit detection able to catch the majority of counterfeit notes in the world. And users no need to open banded strap of banknote, it can count and detect counterfeit automatically

Easy and Friendly Operation

Compact and excellent design of the machine was made for user’s easier usage. Conveniently designed large LED display show COUNT and BATCH with 3 and 5 digits simultaneously. And equipped with large Reset Switch thus offering a quicker access to minimize user’s burden.