Pelican/Zebra 300 series

The Pelican/Zebra 300 series, synonymous with accuracy, reliability, durability and gorgeous design. Both the Pelican and Zebra series have already set industry standards for quality, functionality and aesthetic design.

The Pelican/Zebra series comes in different versions and offers:
Zebra/Pelican 301: counts coins.
Zebra/Pelican 305: counts and sorts up to 5 different denominations.
Zebra/Pelican 309: counts and sorts up to 9 different denominations.Improved features

  • Easy to operate, service and maintain
  • Rejection of foreign and counterfeit coins
  • Tubing and bagging kit option
  • Automatic bag/draw stops
  • Accepts up to 20 different denominations;
  • Speed of 1,100 cpm (1 EUR cent)
  • Cashier and ID number
  • Acceptance of a single denomination and rejection
    of all others
  • Multitude of various counters and counting reports
  • Memory functions and error codes for easy problem solving
  • Multibagging i.e. collect the same coin denomination
    in up to 3 different bags
  • Active sorting of up to 2 denominations (TrackSensorTM)
  • Optional Communication Module (XML transaction,
    event and verification data via USB/LAN)
  • Cashier number, comprehensive fee system,
    dual language capabilities
  • Optionally internal/external high quality printer with auto
    cutter, logo, barcode and header/footer capability
  • Special colours and stand available


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