Multidenominational coin packing and dispensing system, with completely customizable configuration. Simplifies coin logistics (coin wrappers & wrapping time), safety & security (keyboard and anti-vandalism touchscreen) and integration with POS system.


  • Dispenses each denomination in its bag and all bags are linked together forming
  • one single kit for the POS.
  • Kit configuration is completely customizable.
  • M2B simplifies coin supply logistics to retailers. Costs like coin wrappers, wrapping paper, wrapping times, etc. disappear.
  • M2B delivers kits with the exact amount and value of coins demanded by the customer.
  • With 16 coin dispensers, AUREO can produce a kit of 8 bags with 500 coins in 50 seconds.
  • M2B keeps a complete accountancy of the coin used (by dispenser, denomination,number of bags, number of kits per shift, etc.).
  • Industrial PC with embedded Windows.
  • Keyboard and antivandalism 15” touchscreen.
  • Motorized kit lifter: kits produced go directly into the container.
  • Emergency switch, visual and sound alarms.
  • High reliability industrial bagging system.
  • 16 high speed coin dispensers (10 coins/second).