DHP 976 – Multi-currencies Detector


  • Any direction and any side of note can be read , easy to operate
  • Up to 6 currencies detected at the same time : EUR, USD, ZAR, GBP, CHF, YEN.
  • High accuracy and complex inspection :
    Quantity and position of magnetic ink ;Infra red ink, spectrum ink, secure thread image printing process. Etc.
  • High speed : <0.5second/sheet
  • List of detected currencies denomination.
  • Rechargeable battery inside for portable usage (optional),provide more than 24 hours standby time.
  • Serial number of bank note can be printed (optional)
  • Support RS-232 or USB surface to download software
  • Big LCD display and touch screen control panel to provide human interface.

Products complied with RoHS for your option, price with RoHS and without RoHS are different.