CoinBank – CDS 800

The CoinBank – 800 series has been developed and designed with the users and operators in mind. A panel of LED lights has been elegantly integrated into the design in order to clearly attract and communicate status to the users. The solid or pulsating lighting panel can be adapted to whatever colour scheme matches the desired surroundings. Upon opening the double doors, the inside of the machine is automatically illuminated, thus making the operation and servicing of the machine simple and efficient. In the unlikely event of a service stop, the lighting panel notifies the user with a red indicator service requirement icon.

The 7” inch touch screen, on which logos can be downloaded, deftly guides the users through the counting process; while in the meantime, the operator can quickly access well-structured information about the transactions and other events by means of coherent graphs (GUI) and statistics. The CoinBank 800 series is a high volume, large capacity machine built using high grade materials and components by professional and skilled craftsmen.